torstai 23. huhtikuuta 2015

Bus4Life in Hungary

Sunshine and smiling faces were some of the memories of OM Hungary’s recent outreach with the Bus4Life over Easter. Visiting 3 different locations over 4 days, many people heard the message and meaning of Easter as well as local churches and believers being encouraged.

On Friday and Saturday the team ministered in a small village called Peteri. It was the first time in this location and working with the local Church, encouraging the new Pastor and his congregation. They took part in the church service on Good Friday and on Saturday helped with a Family Fun event in the local park alongside the Bus4Life. A puppet show, crafts and Hungarian folk games provided lots of activities and it was great to see people of all ages coming together for this event. It was a small event but the Pastor was encouraged by the working together of the Church members and he has invited the team back to help in future events. 

“For us as OM Hungary this is encouraging as it is part of our vision for the Hungarian Church: for us to be partners, helpers and encouragers to the many Pastors in small churches throughout Hungary”

Monday morning the group travelled a short distance to a small town called Szigethalon and took part in the Easter Monday program. The Bus4Life was parked outside the church for the morning and it was a great talking point for many especially as the very talented driver Esa shared about its ministry and sang some traditional Finnish songs from the Psalms’ during the service. After the service, Esa and OM member Istvan gave a guided tour of the bus for the church members.