tiistai 14. huhtikuuta 2015

The first outreach this year

The 2 week outreach in Moldova was blessed. In the first village, the team worked with a small church that had only a few members and wanted to get more people interested. Everyday many children came to participate in the programs around the bus and in the evenings, there were youth events for teens. This included good discussions and Christian films shown inside the bus. One evening the leaders suggested that the teens would ask questions that they could all dialogue about. “How can I repent and believe in Jesus?” one boy asked. The team discussed this question and when they asked if anyone wanted to receive Jesus, a 15 year old boy came over and said he wanted to repent and follow Jesus.

B4L Moldova2015

As the team gathered around to pray with him, about 20 other teens on the bus who were not believers stood up and listened respectfully to the prayer. The team then asked if anyone else wanted to repent and a 15 year old girl came forward. After praying with her, more started to come up for prayer and eventually 15 out of the group of 20 had responded to the invitation. Five left the bus while the others were praying for salvation. We are very excited about this news and ask you to join us in praying that these young people would get grounded in their faith and that God would raise up a youth leader in this small church to disciple them.

The following week was spent in a city in southern Moldova. Both the town and the church in it were very open and welcoming. Many people visited the bus which was parked near the town square and a large number of Bibles and books were sold. As the children happily participated in programs outside of the bus, including a bouncy castle, the adults looked at literature and engaged in discussions inside the bus. Those that were interested were given New Testaments.

The last weekend was spent celebrating OM Moldova's 20 year anniversary.